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building apache tomcat from source

Building Apache Tomcat from Source

Building Apache Tomcat from source is easy, and is the first step to building your own Tomcat mods. Comprehensive instructions are provided by Apache in the BUILDING.txt file. This article will augment those steps with screenshots and a few helper scripts to make the job a bit easier. If you haven’t already done so, provision […]

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Customizing Boostrap Icons

Using Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap 5 Icons is a “free, high quality, open source icon library with over 1,600 icons.” It is provided by the same Twitter team who built Bootstrap. Since the icons are SVGs you can include them into your HTML in several different ways. This allows for flexibility to support how your project is setup. Using […]

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apache http docker container

Getting Started with httpd on Docker

This article documents how to get started using Apache httpd on Docker. We will create a static website prototype using Windows 10. The website will start as a simple html page. We’ll then integrate the Bootstrap framework to allow us to easily include modern look and feel features. Finally, we will import Font Awesome to […]

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